LED Light Therapy: Let Your Little Light Shine

LED treatments are very popular in today’s skincare industry but I’m often asked by customers exactly what this treatment is. In a nutshell, LED Light Therapy utilises specific wavelengths to gain therapeutic benefits on our cellular activity. This concept isn’t new. In fact, it began in 1903, when Niels Finsen won a Nobel Prize Of... Continue Reading →

Introducing Chemical Peels

At A Room With A View, I believe in low risk / high result treatments. All my peel treatments are therefore customised depending on your skin condition and your personal preferences. Find out more with this blog post

Electrifying Skincare: How electrical current can supercharge your facial

Electrotherapy is a method of supercharging your facial by applying a low electrical current directly onto the skin. Your cleanse & exfoliation is deeper and pulls out more grime; your face mask penetrates further into the skin, your zits can be zapped and your facial muscles toned. In fact, there are all sorts of wonderful results that can be achieved when you add a few volts.

5 Benefits to Body Brushing Before Summer

Body brushing is cheap, easy and can transform the texture of your skin – especially on the spotty, bumpy and wobbly bits! To get the accumulative benefit, you need to dry body brush at least once a day. Most professionals suggest brushing before your bath or shower...I tend to remember when I'm IN the bath... Continue Reading →

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